Monday, February 7, 2011

Exciting News! + Amsterdam

Soooo...once again I have been super busy that I haven't updated the blog. Sorry for the few that read it! I guess I will just give everyone the news in sections!
-First...I AM GOING TO NEW YORK FASHION WEEK this coming Wednesday for almost a week as part of my internship! (I am sure I will make an amazing blog post dedicated to this as soon as I get back!) My internship has been amazing experience and my work has been paying off! I believe I will just be an extra set of hands to do whatever Duro will need done!
Also, while I am there I am supposed to have a chat/interview with BPCM, a fashion PR company in New York City, to set up an internship for this upcoming summer! So much exciting news! I believe I will also be going to Paris with my internship during the beginning of March, which will be a great birthday present.
-Second, Amsterdam was amazing! I went with a group of 10 of my friends and we had fun exploring. We saw the Van Gogh Museum, the Heinekin Factory, and the Anne Frank House.  It also included a 10 hour bus ride each way, which was not as amazing, but worth it.
-Finally, school is good although definitely a lot harder to focus in London with so much to do here! I plan on doing some more site seeing and definitely a play as soon as I return from NYC.

London has been amazing and I have a feeling I never will want to leave!



Here are some pics from Amsterdam!
 Kelsy, Rob, and Me
 Chunnel: Our bus entered this (pretty much like being in Saw for an hour)

 Heinekin Factory Tour