Monday, February 7, 2011

Exciting News! + Amsterdam

Soooo...once again I have been super busy that I haven't updated the blog. Sorry for the few that read it! I guess I will just give everyone the news in sections!
-First...I AM GOING TO NEW YORK FASHION WEEK this coming Wednesday for almost a week as part of my internship! (I am sure I will make an amazing blog post dedicated to this as soon as I get back!) My internship has been amazing experience and my work has been paying off! I believe I will just be an extra set of hands to do whatever Duro will need done!
Also, while I am there I am supposed to have a chat/interview with BPCM, a fashion PR company in New York City, to set up an internship for this upcoming summer! So much exciting news! I believe I will also be going to Paris with my internship during the beginning of March, which will be a great birthday present.
-Second, Amsterdam was amazing! I went with a group of 10 of my friends and we had fun exploring. We saw the Van Gogh Museum, the Heinekin Factory, and the Anne Frank House.  It also included a 10 hour bus ride each way, which was not as amazing, but worth it.
-Finally, school is good although definitely a lot harder to focus in London with so much to do here! I plan on doing some more site seeing and definitely a play as soon as I return from NYC.

London has been amazing and I have a feeling I never will want to leave!



Here are some pics from Amsterdam!
 Kelsy, Rob, and Me
 Chunnel: Our bus entered this (pretty much like being in Saw for an hour)

 Heinekin Factory Tour

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Soooooo... I know that is has been a while (sorry to the avid followers), but I completely underestimated how busy I would be with school, work, friends, and going out! To catch everyone up...I will list my top 5 things here that has happened so far.
  1. I SAW HUGH GRANT! Yes. Probably a highlight in my London life. He lives nearby and owns this pub that my friends and I went to for a late happy hour. We were joking about how crazy it would be to see him, and then as soon as we were leaving, my friend Sean goes...don't freak out, but Hugh Grant is at the bar. I did not believe him at first, but it was true! So...moral of the story, we will be frequenting Hollywood Arms much more often.
  2. Shopping. Topshop is the greatest store ever. My dad is probably not liking it as much as me though (good thing he loves me!)
  3. Duro Olowu.  This is where I am interning. He is a fashion designer in London and really has some amazing work. He is going to New York fashion week this year so I have been helping to prepare for that with press lists (who Iman was on with contact info! Crazy!), photoshoots, and interviews with magazine editors! It is pretty much a dream come true. I am possibly also going to Paris for RTW fashion week there at the beginning of March...that is TBD though, but I have my fingers crossed.
  4. Friends. I have some of the best friends here. We are traveling to Amsterdam this coming weekend (which will definitely by blog post worthy).  We have the greatest times going to markets in Notting Hill, going to Topshop, sight seeing, and our other favorite past time-going out. They are pretty much the stars of my picture taking.
  5. Fashion and Sites. The way people dress here is impeccable. new goal for the week, other than to keep this updated more, is to take more pictures of fashion and inspiring shots of London! This is really one of the most amazing places! The Tower Bridge and some of the other sights we have seen have just been great!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Orientation and Some Shenanigans

This week has been crazy. It has been a wonderful first week in London and have loved the people I live with in Redcliffe Gardens. We have started exploring the city (which has included some going out and site seeing, of course).  I registered for my courses, which are all on I only have to make the long tube ride once a week, which is perfect. I start my internship this Tuesday with Duro Olowu, and I am so excited. Orientation this week, however boring, was nice to bond with certain people in my building and even some others. We also were able to do some clubbing and pubs. We went to a local pub called O'Neils and made friends with the bartender, Ray, which is always a good idea. We also have gone out a few times to some interesting clubs, called Zoo Bar and Ruby Blue. London is amazing! These are some pictures of some of my new friends and sites I have seen!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Overwhelmed with Packing

I leave for my semester abroad in less than a week.  I decided to start this blog in order to keep everyone updated on my adventures and shenanigans while in London.  I will be there on Monday and as soon as things are situated I will hope to put some stories that I have on here along with pictures etc.