Saturday, January 8, 2011

Orientation and Some Shenanigans

This week has been crazy. It has been a wonderful first week in London and have loved the people I live with in Redcliffe Gardens. We have started exploring the city (which has included some going out and site seeing, of course).  I registered for my courses, which are all on I only have to make the long tube ride once a week, which is perfect. I start my internship this Tuesday with Duro Olowu, and I am so excited. Orientation this week, however boring, was nice to bond with certain people in my building and even some others. We also were able to do some clubbing and pubs. We went to a local pub called O'Neils and made friends with the bartender, Ray, which is always a good idea. We also have gone out a few times to some interesting clubs, called Zoo Bar and Ruby Blue. London is amazing! These are some pictures of some of my new friends and sites I have seen!

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